Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Northstar Family Dental is simple:  We strive to provide high quality, comfortable, comprehensive care with a strong focus on prevention and education.  Overall, we treat each patient as an individual, keeping their own goals, concerns and personal philosophies in mind.  I want to break down each part of our philosophy, in order to describe in greater depth what we are all about.

First and foremost, at Northstar Family Dental we aim for high quality care.

We invest in quality team members, supreme equipment and materials, and offer a unique, personalized experience.  We believe you deserve the best of the best, and we know that when you are happy, we are happy.  We schedule adequate time for each procedure, even leaving some wiggle room.  The materials and techniques we use are thoroughly researched.  There is a method and a madness to our daily flow. Each person on our staff is thoroughly (and continuously) trained.  We are always evolving, learning, improving — from adding Saturday hours, to committing to a Charity of the Month, to closing the office for training and continuing education.

We commit to making our experience with us as comfortable as possible.

We understand that there are millions of people who are scared, uncomfortable, nervous, and weary of simply walking into the door of any dental practice.  Not only do we want you to be physically comfortable by offering you a warm blanket, a neck pillow, or a paraffin hand wax treatment, but we also want you to feel mentally comfortable.  We hope that you become an active participant in achieving and maintaining oral health.  We welcome your comments and questions.  If you forgot to mention something at your last visit, please call and let us know. As a whole, our team is completely engaged in your care.   Our relationships with you and with each other are why we love coming to work every day!

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We believe in comprehensive care.

At Northstar Family Dental, our entire staff shares a love for facts, for knowledge, and for information. We are going to tell you everything that we see (and probably share some intraoral photos and x-rays too).  We are fortunate to offer you a multitude of products that can help you achieve supreme oral health.  We believe in full disclosure, and want to share all of our findings and recommendations with each patient, then formulating an individualized treatment plan.  There are many philosophies of dental care, and ours is centered on making sure each patient understands the condition of his/her tooth and gums — from what needs treatment now, to planning on what will need treatment in the future.

We are centered on prevention.

northstar6There are some days that almost every recall patient I check is free of cavities.  That is our goal!   We know that most people hate to floss, but did you know that the cost of a single cavity over a lifetime averages $2000?  I floss because I, personally, would rather spend that money on a million other things.  Accordingly, we can offer prescription toothpaste and fluoride treatments to strengthen your teeth, sealants for children to prevent cavities, various mouth rinses to keep your gums healthy, and we even offer natural and fluoride-free products.  Sometimes we feel like we are bombarding patients (especially new patients) with suggestions, but it is because we truly believe in what we do and what we recommend.  There isn’t a product we have in office that at least one of our team members swears by!

Patient education, as well as the continued education of our team, are of upmost importance.

I’m thinking of our hygienists as I write this section, because if they are running behind I know that they are internally groaning when I ask them to pull out a model, or to put a picture or video on the TV screen.  We ask all new patients if they would like baseline or detailed information. We respect people that are “baseline,” but boy do we love details.  Our philosophy centers around our patients, and in order for each patient to be an active participant in their treatment, we not only want to show and tell all that we can see, but we also want to make sure treatment recommendations and options are understood.  Ask questions!  Want to know what “mesial” means?  We would love to tell you!  What does a crown look like? We will gladly show you! Additionally, we invest in the continuing education of our team members.   We go above and beyond continuing education requirements necessitated by the Ohio State Dental Board.   We commit to being at the forefront of new technologies and applications, and we also make sure that the treatment methods and modalities that we use on a daily basis are thoroughly researched with documented success .     


I love Northstar Family Dental.  We have a top-notch facility, a well-trained and dedicated team, amazing patients, and best of all a spectacular philosophy.  We would love for your family to join ours!

Dr. B

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